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We are proud to have worked for Renault for over 9 years, having been one of the first customers to adopt our Learning Management System. The system allows the Network Training team to fully manage and support their network of dealerships throughout the UK, delivering eLearning and instructor led course and accommodation booking complete an online Training Needs Analysis.

We first became involved with Renault in the development of an online Induction programme for new starters within the UK dealership network. As this required a means of delivery, we provided a bespoke version of Learning Manager. The system has now been used for the past 9 years and has been modified to deliver Training Needs Analysis, psychometric evaluation for their Technical Expert programme, as well as numerous eLearning courses. We have also re-developed CD based diagnostic evaluation courses, adapting them for web-based delivery. A full booking system for offline courses and events is integrated with accommodation booking. This includes, the scheduled delivery of joining instructions and location maps, automating what used to be a tedious, labour intensive process for managing delegates. With the release of Learning Manager, Renault UK have a single system that manages all forms of training across their entire dealership network.

"Coloni present a friendly face to the sometimes harrowing process of matching IT with usable training solutions"

Renault have played an intrinsic part in the further development of our Learning Manager system, suggesting new features and working practices that benefit all industries who have a need to manage and deliver training to a large and widely spread employee base.

With over 12,000 live users on the system, undertaking over 25,000 courses and assessments annually, rapid and accurate reporting and management has become business critical.

"Coloni present a friendly face to the sometimes harrowing process of matching IT with usable training solutions. We have used their LMS in a number of guises over the last 9 years and it now forms the hub of our offline and online training."

Client Testimonial:

"Previously we would use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for managing the booking of training courses and history of individuals across our network of dealerships. Needless to say, this was quite a labour intensive process, highlighted by the real-time reporting and self administered approach we are now able to provide to our dealership network. Coloni have supported us, not only in terms of system implementation and strategy, but in a very real day-to-day way as part of the team.”

David Greenway
Network Training Manager, Renault UK